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2022-2023 Registration is OPEN!

Player evaluations will be held on the following Sundays (if necessary):
Sunday, August 7th, Sunday, August 14th
3rd-5th Grades: 5-6pm
6th-8th Grades: 7-8pm
Chisago Lakes Middle School

The player's BEST score between the 2 days will be counted.

Traveling Teams will be posted online within 7 days of the last day of tryouts. Coaches will contact the team directly and season will begin in late October.



Q.) Why does LARA "cut" players in 7th & 8th but not in 4th - 6th?

A.) LARA believes it is important that every kid that wants to play basketball has the opportunity and there is no alternative in the younger grades outside of "traveling".  Once kids reach 7th & 8th grade they have the option to play "school ball".

Q.) $375.00+ seems like a lot of money to play basketball and more than years past.

A.) LARA believes it is important to keep costs as low as possible.  We do not "make" money on registrations.  Any money that LARA makes generally comes from fundraisers and tournaments.  Basketball orders uniforms every 2 years.  Last year, the cost with uniforms was $400.00.  This year if your child does not need a uniform the cost will be $375 if they do need a uniform the cost will be $475.  LARA does have a "payment plan" allowing you to make 3 payments so you do not have to pay the $375 or $475 at once.  LARA also has a scholarship program for all sports.

Q.) What are the next steps I need to take as a parent after registration and or tryouts?

A.) Teams will be posted on the website with an email sent out stating this.  After that you will be contacted by either Pete Leadholm (boys), Amanda Farrell (girls) or your child's coach with further instructions.