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We are still looking for players at the following grade levels:

3rd Grade Girls**
6th Grade Girls
7th Grade Girls
6th Grade Boys
7th Grade Boys

**If you have a 2nd grade girl interested in playing, please let us know as we may have a spot for them on the 3rd grade team.

Have a player who is interested, but their age group is not listed? Reach out to Amanda or Pete and we can discuss the potential for getting them on a team or alternative options.

Questions? Contact:
Girls - Amanda Farrell -
Boys - Peter Leadholm -


2022-2023 Girls Traveling Teams

3rd Grade Girls

Head Coach: Amanda Farrell
AriElla Lewis
Teddee Beaver
Sophia Zbylut
Zuriel Thompson
Saige Nelson

4th Grade Girls

Head Coach: Shaun Dorothy
Assistant Coach: Amanda Farrell
Allisyn Mahoney
Tatum Underhill
Addison Hale
Gabrielle Fletcher
Brielle Hollister
Greenley Junker
Mariah Dorothy
Sadiee Smith
Lucy Hanacek
Ella Rambosek
Dailynn Kunjan

5th Grade Girls

Head Coach: Nicki Lukkason
Assistant Coach: Joe Lukkason
Assistant Coach: Dave Crowley
Lydia Brink
Jillian Flodquist
Avery Remitz
Avery Carlisle
Maisie Ricketson
MacKenzie Leonhardt
Brielle Crowley
Olivia Gavett
Autumn Lukkason
Evelyn Gamble
Valeria Gamboa

6th Grade Girls Green

Head Coach: Jason Hall
Assistant Coach: Mickelle Pohlman
Assistant Coach: Emily Anderson
Payton Pohlman
Jayden Pohlman
Alexa Thorsen
Kara Hall
Ella Smith
Ruby Anderson
Mariah Eagle

6th Grade Girls Gold

Head Coach: Jason Hall
Assistant Coach: Mickelle Pohlman
Assistant Coach: Emily Anderson
Lily Zbylut
Gretta Rivard
Lillian Dusenka
Madeline Budford
Harlow Larsen
Charlotte Fitzgerald
Riley Meredith

7th Grade Girls

Head Coach: Rich Beaver
Assistant Coach: Brandon Kelley
Annika Hall
Kaylinn Kelley
Neve Colucci
Mikenna Fritzke
Raynee Clark
Madison Eagle
Claire Beaver
Lilly Smith

2022-2023 Boys Traveling Teams

3rd Grade Boys

Head Coach: Rich Beaver
Levi Bahnemann
Kaydon Beaver
Thaddeus Beaver
Bryson Motz
Jacksyn Mahoney
Carsen Schmidt
Tate Johnson
William Coleman
Logan Hall
Weston Zerwas

4th Grade Boys Green

Head Coach: Jason Hall
Mason Dreckman
Logan Thompson
Brekken Husfeldt
Kaiden Brodeur
Liam Hall
Kellen Senske
Lachlan MacIver
Alden Lawrence

4th Grade Boys Gold

Head Coach: Matt Woodruff
Kenrick Waldemar
Noah Dameral
Mason Beach
Avery Twite
Thomas Peterson
Jett Cizinsky
Jackson Woodruff

5th Grade Boys

Head Coach: Dustin Odegaard
Assistant Coach: Joe Aadland
Noah Knuth
Drake Odegaard
Logan Schauer
Eli Reimann
Aiden Murphy
Maxwell Aadland
Owen Goudge
Matthew Nugteren
Blake Vetter
Landon Lantto
Joshua Hokenson
Cameron Stauner

6th Grade Boys

Head Coach: Brian Norelius
Jackson Sommer
Owen Warner
Drake Dusenka
Brennen Norelius
Halden Briggs
Colten Ekman
George Eykyn
Tate Storlie
Levi Bakker
Fernando Saldivar

7th Grade Boys Green

Head Coach: Peter Leadholm
Miles Pearson
Crosby Underhill
Logan Ford
Bennett Senske
Cole Orpin
Luke Leadholm
Brody Sogard
Camden Meissner

7th Grade Boys Gold

Head Coach: Josh Griffin
Levi Goehring
Nolan Jadwinski
Emmitt Lawrence
Carter Anderson
Dyson Griffin
Blake Fredstrom
Noah Leonhardt

8th Grade Boys

Head Coach: Shaun Dorothy
Owen Murphy
William Peterson
Eli Katusky
Parker Anderson
Leo O'Malley
Cody Dwyer
Logan Senske
Nick Bjelland
Trenton Travis



Q.) Why does LARA "cut" players in 7th & 8th but not in 4th - 6th?

A.) LARA believes it is important that every kid that wants to play basketball has the opportunity and there is no alternative in the younger grades outside of "traveling".  Once kids reach 7th & 8th grade they have the option to play "school ball".

Q.) $400.00+ seems like a lot of money to play basketball and more than years past.

A.) LARA believes it is important to keep costs as low as possible.  We do not "make" money on registrations.  Any money that LARA makes generally comes from fundraisers and tournaments.  Basketball orders uniforms every 2 years.  Last year, the cost with uniforms was $475.00.  This year if your child does not need a uniform the cost will be $400 if they do need a uniform the cost will be $475.  LARA does have a "payment plan" allowing you to make 3 payments so you do not have to pay the $400 or $475 at once.  LARA also has a scholarship program for all sports.

Q.) What are the next steps I need to take as a parent after registration and or tryouts?

A.) Teams will be posted on the website with an email sent out stating this.  After that you will be contacted by either Pete Leadholm (boys), Amanda Farrell (girls) or your child's coach with further instructions.